Wandering Thoughts: Russia Left Hands Off Pabst Beer

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (10/28/2017) – The good news is, it turns out, Russians never gained control of Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Pabst Beer back in 2014, as once thought. The beer has stayed a United States product, with headquarters in Los Angeles, after erroneously, some reports in several major newspapers announced the beer was being transferred to a company associated with Russia. A couple of months later, in November of that year, the mistake was noted, after it was learned the original announcement was off the mark. Now owned by American beer entrepreneur Eugene Kashper, Pabst remains American owned and operated. The current Pabst team is said to be committed to staying true to

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Senator: Republicans Ignored Will Of People In Gun Action

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (04/21/2015) – Wisconsin State Senator Chris Larson is saying Republicans decided to ignore the will of the public, and side with special interest groups, by repealing Wisconsin’s 48-hour cooling-off period on purchasing handguns. The Milwaukee Democrat says polling has shown the majority of residents in Wisconsin want background checks, but Republican legislators went the other way.

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State Ends 2014 With Fewer Than 500 Traffic Deaths

WISCONSINREPORT.COM [WiscReport.com] (01/04/2015) Wisconsin ended 2014 with 491 traffic fatalities, which was the lowest number of deaths and the first time below 500 fatalities since 1943 when 417 people died in crashes, according to preliminary statistics from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT). State traffic deaths in 2014 also were down 36 (approximately a 7 percent reduction) from 2013 when 527 people died and 68 fewer than the five-year average of 559 deaths. “There is no single factor that led to this reduction in traffic fatalities to the lowest total since 1943 when the number of vehicles and the miles traveled on Wisconsin roads were a fraction of what they

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