What Gary Morgan Is “Just Saying” These Days

WISCONSINREPORT.COM [WiscReport.com] – WisconsinReport.com news stories present the truth and nothing but the truth, with editorial opinion rarely contained in the news articles. However, sometimes […]


Sanders, Cruz, and Bradley Win In Wisconsin

WISCONSINREPORT.COM [WiscReport.com] (04/05/2016) – Early after Wisconsin polling places closed for the night, all major cable news channels declared Democratic Presidential Primary candidate Bernie Sanders […]


Milwaukee Premieres “Grandma’s House” Movie

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (03/31/2016) – A movie full of passion, faith, family, and truth, “Grandma’s House”, premieres in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this weekend. The film demonstrates the trials […]

What’s Going On

  • Kelly And Michael Split Up As Michael Strays

    GARYTALK.COM (04/22/2016) – No, we’re not talking about Kelly Ripa and her husband Michael splitting up their marriage. We’re referring to the sad announcement that Michael Strahan has decided to make a career move that forces the breakup of a successful on air co-hosting partnership. We’re also referring to the sad commentaries of people on […]