To Continue Music, Internet Radio Stations Need A Break

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (01/22/2016) – If you are like many people, young, old, and in-between, who enjoy listening to music streamed on the internet, instead of a local over the air, broadcast radio station, perhaps because you like the internet radio station’s music mix better, or their much longer playlists, or, the variety, or for whatever reason, that may no longer be an option soon. There is a very real possibility that small, hobbyist class, microcasters, operating internet radio stations, could disappear completely if music royalty rates become impossible to continue operation. The existing digital music royalty arrangement expired, Dec. 31, 2015. […]

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GreatGold Classic Hits Continue Into The New Year

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (01/17/2016) – IN THE MONTH OF JANUARY, 2016, GreatGold Internet Radio continues their tradition of giving Extra Plays to Hit Songs by Bands with January Born Members and Solo Singers Born in January. They are also playing some Extra Special Music Surprises in their playlist along the way. GreatGold Birthday Buddies, GreatGold Surprises, and a whole lot more, throughout January, 2016.

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