Feingold vs Johnson: Which Is Best U.S. Senator?

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (08/28/2016) – A major debate between the challenger, former U.S. Senator Russ Feingold, and current U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, will be held in October for a state wide television audience. To help voters decide which candidate is the best choice to go forward, a debate between Feingold and Johnson has been scheduled for October 18, 2016 in Eckstein Hall at Marquette University Law School.

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Milwaukee Premieres “Grandma’s House” Movie

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (03/31/2016) – A movie full of passion, faith, family, and truth, “Grandma’s House”, premieres in Milwaukee, Wisconsin this weekend. The film demonstrates the trials and tribulations of living with a grandparent, Margie Ree Harris, who stood as an inner-city matriarch and pillar of strength. The premiere showing will be at the Marcus South Shore Cinema, Milwaukee, WI, Saturday, April 2nd, 2016, followed by showings nationally starting April 29th.

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Forever TV Series Character Has Name Of Past TV Celebrity

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (09/23/2014) [TV SHOWS] – Doctor Henry Morgan (not the actor and game show panelist Henry Morgan) does not just study the dead to solve criminal cases in the TV Series, Forever, he does it to solve the mystery that has eluded him for 200 years, the answer to his own immortality. Every time he dies, he comes back to life again.

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