40 Year Old 7th Heaven Actress Dies In Sleep In Wisconsin

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (10/08/2014) [TV SHOWS] A 40 year old, Chicago, Illinois area, national television and movie actress, died in her sleep in a Wisconsin vacation home recently. Sarah Danielle Goldberg, who played Sarah Glass Camden on 7th Heaven, died in her sleep Sept. 27, 2014. Her family suspected a heart attack.

In “7th Heaven,” Goldberg played the daughter of a rabbi who fell in love with Matt Camden, the son of a pastor played by Stephen Collins. Sarah Goldberg was identified as Sarah Danielle Madison in the credits for her appearances in sixteen episodes of  the television series, “7th Heaven”.

Sarah Goldberg also appeared in “Jurassic Park III,” “The Beast,” “Judging Amy” and played the part of Colleen Sarkossian on the recently revived version of “Beverly Hills 90210.”

The actress also played a college student seeking drugs in “Training Day”, and appeared in “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”, as well as “Without a Trace.”

Goldberg got her entry into show business helping arrange table linens and serving as an extra in “My Best Friend’s Wedding,” which was filmed in the Chicago area.

The Chicago native appeared in films and had several television parts, including appearances on “House M.D.” and more recently, “90210.”

She graduated from Amherst College in 1996 with a major in microbiology before moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting.

Sarah Goldberg, who starred in TV’s 7th Heaven from 2002 to 2006, reportedly died on Sept. 27 of natural causes. Her mother said her daughter went to sleep and didn’t wake up.

Goldberg died in her sleep of natural causes at her family’s cabin in Wisconsin. Her mother, Judy Goldberg, said Sarah Goldberg had a heart ailment, although an autopsy failed to determine the exact cause of death.

On some of the actresses performances on the large and small screen versions of her work, she is identified as Sarah Goldberg, Sarah Danielle Goldberg, Sarah Danielle, or Sarah Danielle Madison.

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