Walker Alters Budget More Than 100 Times With Veto

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (07/13/2015) – Republicans say, when Governor Scott Walker signed the 2015-2017 State Budget into law, he kept his promise to lower the tax burden for the hardworking taxpayers of Wisconsin. When he approved the budget passed by the Legislature, Walker used his veto powers more than 100 times, effectively changing many items. Democrats are suggesting he didn’t go far enough.

“Although the governor vetoed over 100 budget items, he did not veto the expansion of
the voucher program, the cuts to the UW System, the repeal of prevailing wage law, the changes to county shoreland zoning standards, and the many other budget provisions that the people of Wisconsin overwhelmingly oppose”, said the Assembly’s Assistant Democratic Leader Katrina Shankland (71st Assembly District).

Governor Scott Walker, on the other hand, says, “With this budget, taxpayers come first.”

Meanwhile, Assembly Representative Shankland of Stevens Point says, “Governor Walker made these vetoes with conservative voters in Iowa in mind, not the people of Wisconsin.”

Governor Scott Walker doesn’t see it that way.

“Property taxes will be cut for an unprecedented six years in a row, while additional money is invested in K-12 education and expanding educational choices for parents and their students”, Walker says.

“This budget has become a launchpad for his presidential ambitions, and Wisconsin families are paying a heavy price”, according to Shankland.

Governor Walker points out that “for the first time in University of Wisconsin System history, undergraduate tuition will be frozen for four years straight to help make college affordable for Wisconsin’s working families”.

The Assistant Leader of Wisconsin Assembly Democrats looks at it aa little differently.

“UW-Stevens Point will feel the negative effects of two vetoes, which will cut $124,400 from the university’s paper science program and eliminate funding for an aquaulture specialist through the Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility (NADF)”, Shankland remarked.

Shankland says, “the governor did not veto differential tuition for UW-Stevens Point, so that budget provision will become law.”

“While I am pleased to see that our community’s hard work in advocating for differential tuition has paid off, I’m very disappointed that the governor vetoed funding for the aquaculture position and paper science program at UW-Stevens Point,” Shankland explained.

“I will continue to advocate for fair investments in two of our state’s leading industries, paper and aquaculture. I will also continue to champion our outstanding university system and its faculty, staff, and students”, Shankland said.

Governor Walker signed the Wisconsin budget into effect Sunday, July 12, 2015, and the following day, officially announced he is one of fifteen Republican candidates running for the GOP position on the next ballot for United States President.

Before Walker fully took up the challenge of running for the Republican nomination for president, he had several comments about the budget signing results.

“We continue our support for seniors, needy families, and children by adding $600 million dollars to Medicaid. We invest in veterans services, adding millions more to worker training and workforce development programs, and implementing programs to help people transition from government dependence and welfare into the workforce. The budget I signed today again brings real reform to Wisconsin and allows everyone more opportunity for a brighter future,” Governor Walker stressed.

“Wisconsin’s fiscal house is in great shape,” Governor Walker continued.

“Due to our responsible budgeting, new bonding will be at the lowest level in 20 years. Moody’s moved our outlook for the state’s credit rating from ‘stable’ to ‘positive.’ And our total outstanding state debt level has gone down”, Governor Walker said.

The following morning followers were greeted with a video, announcing he is running for the Republican presidential nomination “to fight and win for the American people”. Walker and his supporters believe he has an opportunity to ride his victories over Democrats in the Governor’s office and the State Legislature straight into the White House. However, other Republican candidates and Democrat presidential election hopefuls, disagree.

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