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WISCONSINREPORT.COM (09/18/2014) – There’s a new place on the internet that you can use to listen to your favorite kinds of music on your computer or mobile device. McStreamy RadioStreams is a Radio Directory and Online Player with 16 categories of music. Categories include Alternative, Big Band, Blues, Classical, Country, Dance, Easy, Gospel, Jazz, Latin, Oldies, Pop, R&B-Soul, Rock, Talk, and Other. Enjoy it while you Surf the Internet.

Each category has many specially selected Internet Radio Stations listed for you to choose from. Every station listed is hand picked and designated One Of The Best on the internet. The listings include a little bit of information regarding the kind of music the station plays within it’s basic format. When you settle on a station you would like to hear, click on the play button next to the listing to hear the station through the speakers of your computer or mobile device.

When you first Log In to the McStreamy Members Area and go to the McStreamy RadioStreams Directory and Player, it only takes a brief amount of time for the Directory to load. A few seconds later, you will see a Menu on the right with all of the categories shown. When you click on a Category, a list of stations listed under that category will swiftly appear on the right. Choose a station, click and listen.

Before you select a Category from the Menu, there may be some stations listed from a mixed bag of categories. You may enjoy some of these, and are welcome to click on any of them to hear them right away. However, you’re not limited to the initially presented stations. Select a Category from the Menu at your left to break down the Directory Listings to only the types of Stations you’re interested in from that Category, and viola, they appear instantly.

McStreamy works with and plays in nearly every browser (Internet Explorer, FoxFire, Chrome, etc.), but, we find it works at it’s very best when you use FoxFire. Of course, everyone has their own preference and connection to the internet, which may give you a better result with one of the other brand browsers, so the browser choice is up to you.

The McStreamy Radio Directory and Player is Open To The Public, but, you can only use it if you go through a relatively brief Registration Process. It only takes a couple of minutes to Register. Once you fill in the basic information requested and click on the Submit Button, you will told onscreen that McStreamy has sent an email to your email address. You must find that McStreamy email in the email account you listed on the Registration Form, click on the Confirmation and Validation Link in the McStreamy email. Registration is not complete until you Confirm and Validate. Then you can Log In and enjoy.

Once you Log In, you’ll have the opportunity to Suggest A Station to be listed in the McStreamy Directory, if you wish. will review the information, listen to the station and go to the suggested station’s website, etc. After Review Process, McStreamy will determine whether the station fits McStreamy’s decision criteria. If it does, McStreamy will designate the station One of The Best on The Internet and include your suggested station in the Directory.

McStreamy is located on the internet at .

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