Adult Drug Court Officially Underway in Juneau County

Judge Stacy A. Smith of Branch 1 Juneau County Circuit Court is happy to announce that Juneau County Adult Drug Court (JCADC) has officially started.  The maiden voyage started February 21, 2020.  This was after over 20 months of preparation by the JCADC team.

The team has had numerous trainings, including 3 day training with the whole team by the federal government.

Drug courts provide treatment and other supportive services to nonviolent drug offenders with substance abuse issues. Since 1989, these programs have helped thousands avoid jail, overcome addiction and lead healthy lives. The effectiveness of treatment courts has led to their implementation in every state in the country.  Treatment courts save an average of $6,000 for every individual they serve.  Cost savings are reflected in reduced prison and jail costs, reduced revolving-door arrests and trials, and reduced victimization.

Advancement through all five phases will result in graduation from the program. Participants undergo rigorous random drug testing, attend group and individual counseling, and have frequent court review hearings where their progress is reviewed by the JCADC Team.

Immediate rewards and sanctions are implemented to reinforce positive actions, and to address negative behavior. The team will strive to be fair and creative when issuing rewards and sanctions.

Evidence has shown that lengthy jail sentences do not promote sobriety or success, and they cost the taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars. As an alternative, other sanctions, such as community service work, writing assignments and increased alcohol and drug testing, are utilized.

According to Judge Smith, “today was a good day to begin the process of recovery of participants in the drug court.  The Court’s goal is to give people the opportunity to turn their lives around, to be better spouses, better parents, to be better citizens!  The JCADC Team and the participants understand that the process is just starting and that we ‘have miles to go before we sleep’.”


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