New Democratic Party Chair Martha Laning: Who Is She?

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (06/09/2015) – New Wisconsin Democratic Party Chair, Martha Laning, wants to do what she can to change the power balance in the State Capitol. Laning, from a middle class Central Wisconsin family, was elected party chairperson at the state Democrats Convention in Milwaukee the weekend of June 5th and 6th, 2015. She has analyzed comparisons between Republicans and Democrats and thinks she may have the answers that will persuade voters to put Democrats back in power.

How will Democrats persuade voters to do that? Here are some observances Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning has made: “In the past several electoral cycles, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has failed in its attempt to connect with Wisconsin voters. The fundamental problem is that our message is not resonating with voters across the state. The Democratic preference for detailed, fact-filled messaging seems to leave glazed-over voters in our communication wake.”

“Republicans, on the other hand, are masterful storytellers”, according to Laning. “They consistently show vs. tell voters about issues and candidates by using emotional stories and anecdotes instead of facts and figures. They’ve had great success positioning themselves as real people reaching out to real people. As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, voters often choose their candidates on the basis of perceived chemistry, and if that candidate champions their most pressing personal issues, so much the better.”

WiscReport - Martha Laning Face Foward Photo.Laning concludes: “We need a fresh approach to our communications, rooted in pro-active, accessible stories that illustrate Democratic principles and Wisconsin Values, real stories that resonate with real people.”

The new Wisconsin Democrats party chairperson believes the bottom line is the candidates and campaign workers need to make “a fundamental shift in our approach to messaging in order to win, and we can do it. We will craft values-based messaging that voters across the state will understand and embrace.” Laning has formulated a plan she feels will do just that.

Martha Laning replaces Mike Tate, who did not seek an additional term as party chair.

As the new Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair, she “will work to raise the funds, strengthen the statewide team, and support the candidates necessary to ensure Democratic values are strong in Wisconsin.”

Martha Laning notes that “to have a strong Democratic Party in Wisconsin we need to be strong in all areas of our state. We will be successful only when all 72 county Democratic Party organizations, 8 Congressional Districts (CDs), College Dems organizations, and the state office are all strong and effective.”

“This helps us to communicate our progressive values-based messages year round. It helps us identify candidates to build our Democratic bench and offer the support candidates need to win”, according to the new chairperson of the Wisconsin Democratic Party.

“The party should be inclusive and welcoming”, Laning continued. “It should build relationships with community groups, grassroots organizations, labor unions, and organizations and individuals who share our values and goals. We want them to work alongside of us, even if they don’t want to join us formally.”

“We win only when our team grows to include 51 percent of the votes in our communities”, Laning states.

Martha Laning has a degree in Business and Accounting from the University of Wisconsin-Madison; worked at a local paper mill to pay for her education; gained experience in project management at the Target Corporate offices; has a Masters in Business Administration; is interested in projects that enhance school curriculum, the educational system, and the children and older students who benefit; and, believes the “progressive values” she and other Democrats hold, “will bring back the strong, fair Wisconsin people used to be proud of”.

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