Mixed Reactions To Wisconsin State Of State Address

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (01/12/2016) – There are mixed reactions to the State of the State address given by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker this week. Republicans are saying the speech showed that common-sense conservative reforms are working and winning for Wisconsin. Democrats, however, point out, Wisconsin families are working harder than ever, but still being left behind by Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican-led legislature.

_state-capitol-building_autumn-trees_900x400Republican Party of Wisconsin Chairman Brad Courtney says, “We stand by Governor Walker as he continues to defend hardworking taxpayers by fighting for policies that increase economic prosperity and put more money back in their pockets. The Wisconsin comeback is real,” Courtney says.

Meanwhile, Democrats feel, entering into the sixth year of Republicans in control of the legislature, “Wisconsinites feel left behind by their elected leaders in Madison. Jobs continue to leave the state and wages remain stagnant for many”, according to Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Martha Laning.

“Massive cuts to local schools have driven up property taxes. Our roads, bridges, and rails are some of the worst in the nation. And health care costs continue to rise,” Laning said.

“After trying the same failed Republican ideas of tax giveaways for those at the very top and bending over backward to help the wealthy donors who fill their campaign coffers, it’s time to work with Democrats to make working-class Wisconsinites a priority again,”  Laning continued.

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald, on the other hand, feels the address demonstrated Governor Walker’s continued commitment to the conservative principles that have defined Wisconsin under Republican leadership.

“Over the last three legislative sessions, we have balanced the budget, lowered the tax burden on Wisconsin’s residents by nearly five billion dollars, and ensured that Wisconsin has the lowest unemployment rate in fifteen years with a higher percentage of people working than nearly every other state in the nation”, Fitzgerald stated.

“The Senate joins Governor Walker in a commitment to build upon the abundant achievements of recent years. We are dedicated to continuing to improve Wisconsin’s business climate, continuing to develop and strengthen our workforce, and continuing to promote accountability and efficiency at every level of government to ensure that our taxpayer dollars are well-spent.” Fitzgerald added.

Senate Democratic Leader Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) instead, believes, “Wisconsin families are struggling and the middle class is shrinking”.

“The majority of residents continue to say our state is headed in the wrong direction. It’s time for Republican politicians to take off the blinders and focus on helping working families, not just the wealthiest one percent”, Senator Shilling said

“State cuts to local schools have driven up property taxes and shifted a greater burden onto homeowners. Health care costs continue to rise, and women in particular are finding it more difficult to access preventive care and family planning services,” Shilling continued.

“Our roads are ranked as some of the worst in the nation, and in too many communities, drinking water contaminated by lead pipes and manure runoff is more dangerous than in Flint, Michigan,” Senator Shilling asserts.

“For years, wages have declined, our middle class has shrunk and poverty in Wisconsin recently hit a 30 year high. We’ve trailed the national job creation average for 20 consecutive quarters. Meanwhile, the wealthiest one percent in our state continue to reap record profits at our expense,” Wisconsin State Senate Democratic Leader Shilling said in her response to Governor Walker’s version of the State of the State.

“After years of struggles, I hope we can work together to lower property taxes, strengthen local schools and give Wisconsin children the best possible education by restoring the $1 billion in state aid cut by Republicans,” Shilling said.

“I want to grow our economy from the ground up by raising wages, expanding access to paid sick leave and making child care more affordable for working families. And I am committed to jump starting small business development, investing in 21st century infrastructure by fixing our crumbling roads and bridges and targeting $100 million to expand and improve high-speed broadband internet access,” Senator Jennifer Shilling said in her role as Leader of Wisconsin State Senate Democrats.


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