Is Ponder Pondering Future After 42-10 Loss To The Pack?


WISCONSINREPORT.COM (10/03/2014) [SPORTS] – When the Green Bay Packers humiliated the Minnesota Vikings by holding the Vikes to a big fat, zero score, during most of the game, October 2, 2014, it wasn’t all about the quarterback this time. Except, it was, perhaps, about Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder, and, Aaron Rodgers set a new record.

There were plenty of highlights throughout the game with excellent performances by Packers team mates all over the field, and much of it was at the expense of Ponder. Ponder became the night’s quarterback when Teddy Bridgewater was unable to play because he was out with a sprained ankle.

Unfortunately for Ponder, the gridiron battle against the Packers at Lambeau Field turned out to be not a good thing for his ego, nor upon which to build a reputation as a winning QB in the NFL.

To be fair, the outcome of the game wasn’t just on Ponder’s shoulders, and, it wasn’t just because the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers is a pretty darned good quarterback. There were plenty of outstanding efforts by Packers players on the defense and offense that also contributed to the Packers win.

There was Julius Peppers (formerly of the Chicago Bears) interception and run for 49 yards to cross the goal line, giving him the opportunity to try his hand at the Lambeau Leap.

Jamari Lattimore intercepted another one of Ponder’s pass attempts, which made it possible for another Packer score when Rodgers sent a short pass to Davante Adams.

Aaron Rodgers threw for three scores, and Eddie Lacy ran for a season-high 105 yards and two touchdowns in a 42-10 rout of the Vikings.

During the 42-10 win over the Vikings, Aaron Rodgers set another record: Rodgers’ got credit for his 200th career touchdown when Davante Adams crossed the goal line, making that touchdown Adams’ first career score.

Then, of course, there’s that puzzling pass by backup Packers QB Matt Flynn into the waiting arms of a Viking after Flynn was sent in to relieve Rodgers late in the game. What an embarrassing move for the Packers and fans to experience after such a wonderfully, entertaining, ball of a football game.

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