Wisconsin Assembly Sends Right To Work To Gov. Walker

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (03/06/2015) – After turning down Democrat amendments, the Republican controlled Wisconsin Assembly passed the controversial Right To Work bill today. The legislation provides for voluntary union membership, and does not change existing contracts until the contract ends. Senate Bill 44 allows the employee the freedom to choose whether or not to belong to a union.

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Wisconsin Senate Sends Right To Work to State Assembly

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (02/26/2015) – The Wisconsin Senate sent the Right To Work bill to the State Assembly for further action last night when the Senate voted 17 to 15 to pass it. Senate President Mary Lazich says Senate Bill 44 allows employees to be employed without being required to pay union dues. Opponents say that will destroy Unions and bring wages down.

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Walker Kicks off Freedom and Prosperity For All tour

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (02/06/2015) – Governor Scott Walker kicked off his so-called Freedom and Prosperity for All Budget Tour by heading to La Crosse, Eau Claire, Stevens Point, De Pere, and Oconomowoc. The Wisconsin governor’s office claims the 2015-17 Biennial Budget is based upon growth and opportunity, which ultimately leads to freedom and prosperity for all.

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