Canadian American Homes Purchases Liberty Homes

WISCONSINREPORT.COM (02/10/2015) – Canadian American Homes Inc. (Can Am) has purchased the assets of Liberty Homes Inc., Dorchester, WI, and will be reopening Liberty’s plants in Clark County. The reopening is expected to create about 150 jobs in central Wisconsin over the next few years.

Dorchester-based Liberty Homes, which designed and produced manufactured homes, ceased operations in 2013 as a result of the downturn in the housing industry. The company’s assets have been purchased by CanAm, which plans to reopen two plants that encompass more than 230,000 feet of space to produce manufactured and modular homes.

Liberty Homes, Inc., Dorchester, WI Logo. “Canadian American Homes wants to re-establish the Dorchester facilities as one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of factory-built homes,” said Alan Emery, president of CanAm. “Demand is continuing to increase in the manufactured and modular home industry, and we believe CanAm will be a key player in this industry.”

To assist with the purchase, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) is providing a low-interest loan as part of its Business Opportunity Loan Program.

“CanAm’s acquisition of Liberty Homes will have a significant impact on Clark County and the region as it brings much-needed jobs to the community, and WEDC is pleased to play a role in the project,” said Reed Hall, secretary and CEO of WEDC, the state’s lead economic development organization.

“Since 2013, our Business Opportunity Loan Fund has provided more than $10 million to companies for projects expected to create or retain about 1,400 jobs,” Reed Hall said.

Example of a home built by Liberty Homes.

This is an example of the homes Liberty Homes built before being purchased by Canadian American Homes.

Prior to closing the Dorchester plants in 2013, Liberty Homes had been in operation since 1941, and at one point operated nine plants in six states. CanAm says market research shows there is an increasing demand for both modular and manufactured homes in North America.

Canadian American Homes is currently seeking applicants for several areas, including production, supervision, administration and management. Resumes can be sent to

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